While Southern Kaduna Burns, Senator Nenadi Accused Of Trying to Buy Re-election With Exotic Cars

22nd May, 2013

By SaharaReporters, New York

Matthew James in the Kafanchan area of troubled Southern Kaduna, is angry because he states that while Southern Kaduna is on fire, Senator Nenadi Esther Usman is distributing exotic cars to leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the area in an effort to win re-election.

Former Finance Minister Usman represents the Southern Kaduna Senatorial District in the Upper House, and James alleges she is trying to clear her way by giving away the cars by the name of economic empowerment, while she ignores the ongoing killings by so-called “unknown gunmen.”

Mr. James added that the Senator is also heavily inducing elders and unprincipled politicians in the area to her side by doling out hard cash. He observed that there is growing resistance, particularly among radical Southern Kaduna youths and politicians who are working against her “monetized politics” and ineffective representation in the Senate, drawing attention to under-development issues along with the insecurity in Southern Kaduna.

He said, “It surprised us on Monday when the Senator instead of [being] bothered about the killings, and myriads of crucial issues in Southern Kaduna just came in and bribed chairmen of PDP in all eight local government’s area of Southern Kaduna with exotic cars. While we are still searching for the corpses of our people killed in Attakar.

“Her primary duty is to make laws and make our wishes known to Nigerians through the Senate and not sharing exotic cars and bribing elders ahead of 2015,” James said. “It is an insult; to her, the people of Southern Kaduna are commodities, and she can price and pay like she did in 2011.

She did that in 2011, buying Golf Cars for Christian Association of Nigeria leaders and now counting on buying cars and dishing out money as a bribe in lieu of concrete achievements. How can a Senator behave like this ?

He expressed anger that the Senator is unworried about the killings that have crippled socio-economic activities, including agriculture, stressing that the people cannot farm without security.

“And now she is boasting that it was her money that gave her and nothing will stop her in 2015,” James said.